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October 28, 2018

1. What is LED Face Mask?

It is a great hand-held skincare treatment device which incorporates light-emitting diode light treatment technology for treating skin problems such as pimples including blackheads, whiteheads, and red inflammatory acne


2. How Often should I Use LED Mask?
3-4 times a week or at least 10-15 minutes per session. I recommend you to go to the nearest Dermatology clinic and ask for some better advice.

 best led light therapy device

3. Is LED Light Mask Therapy Good for Skin?
You don’t have to worry about your skin for it’s clinically proven that it’s safe for everybody. It makes your skin good but gives the best results.


4. What is the Best LED Facial Mask?
I recommend you to try our LED face mask and you’ll not regret it. Aside from affordable, it’ll give you the best shot especially for your skin.


5. Is LED Light Therapy Safe? Is the Light UV Free? Can I Get Burned by it? Will the Light Damage my Eyes?
This product provides high flexibility in performance with a few useful features to personalize your treatment. The continuous mode is best for the fast, intense treatment for fast acne removal. The pulsating mode was designed to prevent overheating of the skin which can cause discomfort. This device also features the timer with an automatic shutdown option. This may prevent you from inadvertently applying the treatment for far too long and cause overheating of the skin and wasted time.

This treatment does not use a UV lamp to your treatment and it is not damaging to your eyesight by the concentration of light for using this device. Both light treatments have shown into being relatively safe, with minimal adverse effects.

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led light therapy face mask6. What does Green LED Light do for Skin?
The green light is for hyperpigmentation. The beauty of it's is no surgical intervention, and you do not need a lot of creams and lotions after all. Though it was initially only available out of skin clinics, dermatologists and spas, red light treatment devices are now publicly available in the marketplace and you may thus receive your treatment from your very own home. The cost of such devices vary but is completely worth it considering that the money saved on other skincare products, and a lot less expensive than sessions in professionals offices.


7. Does Blue Light Kill Acne?
It excites and activates porphyrins when blue light reaches the adrenal glands in the skin, which are accountable for producing petroleum. The bacteria are killed by the effect on porphyrins from inside once triggered. Alongside blue light, red light is helpful for speeding the process of healing and lowering the quantity of inflammation. Other frequencies of light may inhibit the production of oils further reducing the possibility of acne.

It is understood the way the spectra of light used to reduce acne, however, though light treatment is proven to work, the consequences are undeniable.


8. What does LED Light Therapy do for Skin?
LED light therapy is one form of Light-emitting diode light therapy has rapidly grown in popularity in latest years. Light treatment is the solution for eliminating blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples because of it invasive, does not have any adverse outcomes and causing no damage to the skin, is painless and effortless.


9. Can Red Light Therapy Damage Eyes?
It is considered to be a safe and well-tolerated therapy for the relief of symptoms of multiple conditions.

For all we know, RED Light Therapy, it uses for anti-aging purposes (photorejuvenation) is one form of Light-emitting diode light therapy. This procedure uses the skin to encourage skin and make it younger. Light treatment activates a reaction from the body and is natural. This treatment developed and was researched by NASA, and was utilized to assess the response of plants. The process showed growing was hastened by it, and verified it was successful on humans cells. Light in the wavelength was demonstrated to improve skin ailment, entirely, though cells and plants are distinct.

Otherwise, red is the color to heal, and it's utilized for a number of other ailments, like pain management. Together since penetrates deeper with lights, the procedure is more effective. Cells are renewed by light and will assist those veins to take blood into your skin. The result of light treatment that is red is cumulative. So the more you use it smoother and the softer your skin will be.


LED color light therapy face masks10. Is it Okay to Share the Led Light Therapy Mask?
This device is limited to single-patient use only. This kind of things is used for personal care. So definitely, NOT. It’s not recommendable to share your mask to anybody.


11. Does the Face Mask Come in Different Sizes?
Actually, most of the facial mask comes from normal sizes, it’s suitable for any size of the face.


12. Can I Use if I am Pregnant?
Of course! It is safe for women who are pregnant. And they’re a good and chemical-free option for controlling the hormone-triggered acne of pregnancy. They’re also pain-free and require no downtime. LED light therapy offers a gentle treatment with no side effects. 


led mask for wrinkles13. What Happens if I Need to End My 10-minute Treatment Early before the Mask Automatically Turns Off?
Actually, NOTHING HAPPENS! You can turn the mask off any time by pressing the activator button.


14. Does the Mask Work on all Types of Acne? Pimples? Blackheads? Whiteheads?
This LED face mask is clinically proven to treat and reduce pimples including blackheads, whiteheads, and red inflammatory acne.