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October 24, 2018

What is Led Light Therapy?

LED light therapy is a painless, safe, relaxing, non-invasive skin-care treatment - a proven effective treatment for a variety of skin concerns including acne, pigmentation, and redness etc. without any side effects. It works by using an array of bright light-emitting diodes (LED bulbs) that send coloured wavelengths of low-level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin (different wavelengths of light have the ability to stimulate different enzyme reactions that have a different effect on the skin), to increase blood flow and achieve a rejuvenated, radiant and healthy appearance.

LED treatment is a gentle but effective way to treat your skin (for all skin types, including hypersensitive and rosacea skins). There are different LED light colors (the lights are usually administered via a mask) treating the skin and different skin concerns, with the most popular being blue for killing bacteria (ideal for adult acne) and red for stimulating collagen, healing and generally giving the skin a health boost.

 led light therapy mask

At-home Led Light Therapy Mask for Skin Rejuvenation

LED mask, designed for facial beautification, uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin to target various skin conditions. It comes with 7 colors each with it's own benefits, giving you an arsenal for almost any job! It has intensity control, a timer and shapes to the whole face!--The newest technology making for a more effective treatment.


◇ We offer two different light treatment masks to leave your skin feeling refreshed. Both treatments use wavelengths of light that helps with any healing processes on the skin.

◇ It can balance oil secretion and minimize pore size.

◇ The LED mask is brilliant for those who suffer with acne and pigmentation issues and is fully customizable to suit your skin's specific needs.

◇ It enhances blood circulation and increase flexibility and gloss of the skin.

◇ It is indicated for skin brightening, acne and problem skins, skin rejuvenation, fine lines and wrinkles etc.

◇ The best part about using a light therapy mask is that it’s a fairly straightforward beauty tool.

There's no special technique or know-how required.

 LED Light Therapy, Why You Should Be Using It!

 Types of Light Therapy Masks

Types of Light Therapy Masks

There are several types of light therapy masks available to treat skin ailments. The two main options are red light and blue light therapy.

Red LED light therapy

The red light acts as an anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation therapy. It has a wavelength of between 620nm (light red) to 700nm (dark red) and is predominately used for its anti-ageing benefits because of its ability to to target deep layers of skin and help encourage regrowth of tissues like collagen and skin cells. As a result, it helps to substantially reduce wrinkles and fine lines; closes large pores; and prevents the aging of the skin. The results won’t be as dramatic as plastic surgery, IPL or laser, but it’s a gentler, more natural, less expensive way to go.

Blue light therapy

Blue light acts as an effective and powerful anti-acne treatment, being able to kill bacteria that causes acne and to cure blemishes by starting at the root cause: the bacteria that clogs pores and negatively affects the skin. Blue light therapy has a wavelength of between 405nm to 420nm, it has the ability to penetrate the skin and produce radical oxygen that destroys the bacteria Propionibacterium Acnes. Blue light penetrates deeper than regular topical acne treatments to get at the bacteria that actually causes pimples.

Blue light is also anti-inflammatory. However for best results blue light is used in combination with red light therapy, for its additional skin rejuvenation and wound healing benefits.

Combined light therapy

RED + BLUE MODE – Combines all of the above and is an ideal Anti-inflammatory ‘Post Care’ treatment following Laser/IPL or injectable treatments. Blue light can help prevent pimples from forming since it banishes bacteria while red light can minimize redness caused by acne and pimples.

 Led Light Therapy Benefits

Why We Love This Treatment-Led Light Therapy Benefits?

100% natural - unlike other collagen boosting treatments, LED light therapy is all natural, drug free and chemical free.

Non-invasive - No need for injections to smooth out wrinkles and reduce the appearance of again

Safe - no exposure to harsh chemicals or risk of reaction

No downtime - other procedures can leave your face red and/or irritated.  This is never the case with LED treatment

Painless - no needles, no chemicals, no downtime, no pain!  One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your skin!



Of course, LED light therapy alone is not a magic wand. It requires several sessions over a period of time to see results. This can be said for both home use and professional devices.