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September 12, 2018

All of us have heard of light-emitting diodes, or LED, before. But, did you know that, in this age, it is now being widely used for facial procedures? LED light therapy is a painless therapy that uses a specialized mask which sends light waves deep into the skin. Through this process, regeneration of collagens and elastic fibers is possible in a lesser amount of time and effort. Sounds too dreamy? Rest easy! In fact, for years, it has been proven and tested by many medical laboratories, even by other agencies like NASA.


What LED light therapy can do for your skin?

Tired of wrinkly skin and don’t want to continue applying cream and other products to your face? LED therapy can revitalize and rejuvenate your skin! This process has proven itself to make skin smoother and lighter. It also enhances skin texture, reduces and prevents wrinkles and acne, balances skin tone, removes blackheads, minimizes pores, and accelerate and enhances blood circulation and, most of all, it whitens the skin without damaging cells in the process. All of these are possible by letting the light penetrate the skin with different wavelengths. And, one of the best things about using LED light therapy is that it is proven to not have any unwanted side effects — suitable for all ages and skin types. It is also more convenient and more affordable; you don’t have to travel to the pharmacy just to get some facial cream! Plus, as a bonus, it relaxes our mind and body during the therapy which relieves stress and boosts self-confidence. Given the wonders LED light therapy can do for your skin, this anti-aging and skin improvement procedure is sure to be the solution you’re looking for.


What are the different colors of LED light?

Mainly, there are 7 different colors of LED light therapy mask one should be aware of, namely; red, blue, green, purple, cyan, yellow, and white lights. Each mask has different colors of light that produce wavelengths that effectively treat different types of skin problems are as follows.

Red - Red LED light therapy is mostly used because it increases blood circulation. The heat of the red light improves blood circulation and synthesis of collagen, which results in the reduction and prevention of wrinkles and makes the skin smooth and more elastic, serving as an anti-aging light for patients.

Blue - Blue LED light therapy specialized in killing bacteria, improving sensitive skin and curing acne. It has a function of calming skin that can have a strong impact for those with oily skin and those with rashes. Plus, it reduces swelling of the skin that helps release stress and it also tightens loose skin, making it look better and, at the same time, healthier.

Green - LED light therapy, is a mixed color of the blue and the red light. It also gives the effects of anti-aging, smoothens the wrinkles and fine lines, as well as curing wounds. This

light normalizes the balance of oil and moisture production which reduces and prevents blackheads. Therefore it is mainly for evening the skin tone.

Purple - Purple light is utilized mainly to strengthen the protein fiber tissues and shrink the pores, leading to improved blood circulation and increased cell regeneration. So, if facial rejuvenation is what you’re searching for, this is the solution for you.

Cyan - Speaking of protein fibers, did you know that cyan LED light masks improves the production and making protein and collagens as well? Yes, they do! It also makes the skin less oily, reducing the chances of acne and blackheads to the skin. The light calms and soothes irritated skin that reduces swollen capillaries. Its main work is to enhance cell energy and promotes good effect on metabolism.

Yellow - If you pricked pimples when you were younger, dark spots might be something you grieve over. Don’t worry! Yellow light no only blemishes the skin, it also reduces and prevents the occurrence of dark spots. Plus, it takes care of wrinkles in a better way and enhances immunity of your skin against bacteria, stabilizing the effects of the therapy.

White - Of course, there’s also white. White is often thought of as a minimal and less effective color. But, when utilized during a LED light process, it relaxes the skin and reverses the effects of aging, restoring a younger and healthier skin. It accelerates the growth and healing of the skin cells and gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines — definitely not a minimal color for LED light therapy, but an outstanding one.


How does LED light therapy work?

Wondering if you can avail of this wondrous process? Of course, you can! Visit a clinic today and consult with a specialist. And, since this piqued your interest, you should be aware of how does it work; it follows certain steps. The patient doesn’t have to make big efforts to make the skin look good and healthy inside and out, but he or she will just lie down and wear the LED lighting therapy mask of their chosen color, and enjoy the relaxation of the LED light therapy mask. The LED light therapy mask is placed a few inches away from the face with goggles to protect the eyes. It is commonly used for 15 to 20 minutes. The light penetrates into the skin which causes it to trigger natural intracellular reactions, producing amazing results like the synthesis of collagens and proteins, which smoothens the skin and make it look younger. Different LED light colors have different wavelengths that cause different penetration and reactions, so best find and talk with a reliable specialist beforehand to ensure your needs are met. Unlike other types of therapy, utilizing LED light masks is painless and hassle-free.


What benefits does it have to your skin?

There are many different good benefits in using a LED light mask for your skin. Because it fixes all skin problems painlessly and easily. As discussed, different colors of LED lights have different benefits that are all for improving the skin. Also, it can also be used at home! You don’t have to burden yourself on going to a therapist just to have a therapy (but

consultations are still necessary for better results). And, LED light masks are more accessible because it is a portable with no disadvantages. Also, it relaxes and comfort the patient, gives self-confidence and high self-esteem because of the positive change it brings to the appearance of a patient. The LED light does not only work on the surface of your skin, it also penetrates deeply which makes the skin healthier, immune to bacteria, stronger. All of these helps in preventing unwanted damage to your skin, making it smoother and radiant-looking.

LED light therapy gives a complete package in making yourself look beautiful and can result in a better version of oneself. Although there are other types of beautification options being introduced nowadays, there are risks we should be wary of and try to avoid. Using facial products that has no bad side effects is a wise idea — which is why LED mask therapy is a wise choice!